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About Us

The Guardian Knights MC began as the PA Disciples of Justice, a chapter of the Disciples of Justice LE MC based in Fredericksburg VA, in April 2007. From a core group of 5 charter members we grew to 30 in just a year.

Dedicated to supporting each other and our communities, we participated in many local rides and events and sponsored both the “Ride for the Gold”, to benefit a local police officer in need of a kidney transplant and “Operation SOS” to benefit our PA National Guard and Reserve Troops deployed overseas. We were very active in the community and built a reputation as some of the “good-guys”.

GKMC LogoIn the summer of 2008 it became apparent that this group did not quite fit the mold of the Disciples of Justice. The lack of structure, organization and leadership within the DOJ was not conducive to the goals and ideals of the membership, and the proprietary “owners” made it clear that changes to accomodate our needs were not going to happen. So, in September 2008, by a unanimous vote of the Central PA chapter membership, it was decided to separate from the DOJ and set up an organization in a way to better benefit the members and the community at large. This was the birth of the Guardian Knights Motorcycle Club.

February 21, 2009 The Guardian Knights MC, Inc. was approved as a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation.

The Guardian Knights is an LE based motorcycle club, formed by Law Enforcement for Law Enforcement. We embrace all members of the law enforcement community including Active or retired Law Enforcement, Corrections Officers, Federal Intelligence Field Members and Executive Protection Specialists, Security Professionals, Law Enforcement Support Professionals, Full Time Active or Retired Military, or Law Enforcement related full-time positions with approval of the executive board.Our mission statement is:

The mission of the Guardian Knights Motorcycle Club, inc. is to foster a spirit of camaraderie among members of the law enforcement community through a common interest in motorcycling, provide a safe environment to fellowship with our brothers and sisters in blue, promote safety and education and a positive image of our profession and the motorcycling community, and sponsor and support social, educational and charitable programs in our communities.

Our Motto: “Respect All – Fear None”

Click Here for an explanation of our colors.

Our structure is simple. We have a five person Executive Board for the conduct of business. Attendance at meetings and activities is encouraged, but not mandatory as a condition of continued membership, subject to a minimal participation level as set forth in our bylaws. Attendance at a minimum of 3 meetings including a mandatory annual meeting and 3 events per year to include mandatory attendance at our Operation SOS ride and the annual Sportsman’s Raffle must be met unless excused for extenuating circumstances by the Executive Board.

Because of our diverse work schedules and the fact that we must live under so many rules and constraints in our jobs, we have chosen this minimalist approach to requirements on the members in the operation of our club.

We are bound by our bylaws and chapter operating policies and of course the laws of our local, county, state and federal jurisdictions where we live and work.

Our simple philosophy can be summed up in the phrase “Respect All — Fear None”

If you are a member of the law enforcement community in the Central Pennsylvania Area and are looking for a place to enjoy some good times with fellow LE brothers and sisters on and off our bikes and want to serve the community while you ride, the Guardian Knights MC may be for you.