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LE Members: A voting member meeting all requirements as set forth in this section.

Full membership in the Guardian Knights MC TM, Inc. is open to; active or retired law enforcement personnel, corrections officers, federal intelligence field members and executive protection specialists, security professionals, law enforcement support professionals, full time active or retired military or law enforcement related full-time positions with approval of the Executive Board.


Associate Members: Individuals not meeting the requirements of LE/Full Membership but who share the ideals and values of the organization may apply for Associate Membership.

Associate Members: Any individual at least 18 years of age who demonstrates the ideals and values of the Guardian Knights TM with:

Endorsement of two LE members in good standing and;

Percentage of civilian to LE member ratio never exceeds 25%.

All members (with the exception of members spouse/significant other) must own and ride a motorcycle (brand not specific). Bikes should be of sufficient size to maintain highway speeds of 65-70 mph for prolonged periods of time. All members shall be properly licensed and insured and their bikes shall be registered and inspected as required by law.

All members prior to 10/16/2014, the time of the adoption of these bylaws, are grandfathered as “Full Members”.

Associate members in good standing may participate in ballot votes such as election of officers, bylaws amendments, or other policy changes. They may participate in voice votes from the floor and in club activities and events.

Only Associate members in good standing are eligible to hold Executive Board positions of Sergeant Of Arms or Road Captain. Associate Members are excluded from holding positions on the board designated as for LE members only. (i.e. President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer).

All members will be subject to an annual review as specified in Article V, Section 3 (Participation) of these bylaws. Upon review, he/she may be labeled as a “member not in good standing” if it is determined the member is not demonstrating the commitment necessary to maintain full member status.

Membership Procedure