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WRBT Bob 94.9's Nancy and Newman Promote Operation SOS Ride


Superstorm Sandy Relief Effort

Sandy Pic

On December 8 2012 the Guardian Knights braved heavy fog, rain and even sleet to make a run to Queens NY to deliver goods collected and purchased for Sandy Relief. The goods donated by community members in Central PA and purchased with funds from Operation Give-Back included generators, tools, cleaning supplies, batteries and much of what was listed on their wish/most needed items list. We had a great time with the staff there and had the opportunity to meet some of the FDNY families who were receiving some of the goods we were delivering. They couldn't thank us enough for helping and there were lots of hugs to go around.

Thank you to all who had a part in any way with this effort. These victims have a long road ahead, but it will be made a little easier because people like you have stepped up to lend a hand.

Guardian Knights Escort Another Hero Home

The Guardian Knights were proud and honored to be able to escort home a local hero. Marine CPL Brian Riddle was injured by a mortar round while on patrol in Afghanistan a few weeks ago. Brian also a member of the Progress Fire Company 32, received his second purple heart in a ceremony at Walter Reed Military Hospital on 5/1/2012 and was released to return home the next day. Upon learning of his imminent release, his brothers and sisters of the Progess Fire Company decided to set up a fitting welcome home.

With less than 24 hours to put this event together, they turned to the Guardian Knights for help in securing a motorcycle escort from the PA/MD state line, back to Harrisburg. Upon receiving the request, the wheels were set into motion and by that morning about 24 riders were on board and ready to provide the escort. The riders met Brian along Rt. 15 just north of the state line and were proud to act as his escort for the rest of his journey home. Aided by local police and fire departments, he was brought unimpeded back to his home and family here in Harrisburg in a Limousine provided by Unique Limousine of Harrisburg.

The group comprised largely of Guardian Knights along with Red Knights, Legion Riders and fellow Progess Fire Company members were met by Fire Apparatus from around the Harrisburg Area as they exited the highway and took Brian on a parade tour of the Progress area, ending with a welcome home celebration at the Progress Fire Hall.

Thank you to all who sacrificed to make this possible on a Wednesday in the middle of most people's work week. Your efforts were deeply appreciated by Brian and his family.


For more pictures and video see our Gallery Page


Guardian Knights Welcome Home a Hero

NEWPORT, Pa. (WHTM) - A Perry County soldier severely injured by a bombing in Afghanistan last year received a hero's welcome when he returned home for the weekend Friday evening.

Army Specialist Jon McHenry planned to celebrate the 50th anniversary of his grandparents, but as his father was driving him home from a Virginia hospital, McHenry was the one who got a surprise.

The Guardian Knights of Central Pennsylvania motorcycle club suddenly appeared at the state line and escorted McHenry to Newport, where much of the town had lined the streets to wave American flags.

"I just saw the whole community standing around waving at me," McHenry said. "It's been great to see everybody's support. They've been great, giving me calls, cards and everything the past couple months."

Two days before Christmas, McHenry was in a Humvee that was attacked with a 300-pound improvised explosive device. Three soldiers were killed.

"It was lots and lots of tears," grandmother Janet McHenry said. "After the tears stopped, in like 20 minutes, I was on the phone getting Jon's name on prayer lists."

McHenry received the Purple Heart in the hospital. Every day for the last two months he's struggled to recover from injuries to his brain and body.

His wife is seven months pregnant. Their son, Leo McHenry, is due May 11, another reason McHenry can't wait to come home for good.

"It just motivates me more and more and I'm already ahead of schedule," he said. "It's great to be back and I can't wait to be around Newport more often."

Guardian Knights Join The Auto Show

Car show displayJan 26-29 the Motor Trend Car Show in Harrisburg saw the addition of at least one motorcycle. The Guardian Knights, in promotion of Operation Give-Back and their OGB chopper raffle had the chopper on display at the PA Farm Show Complex. Their booth was right in the middle of the Hot Rod and Classic Car display. Who could have asked for a better spot!

Car show boothIt was an opportunity to meet thousands of people and let them know about Operation Give-Back and Operation SOS (two ongoing projects of the GKMC) and sell them a $10 chance to win a Knievel Custom Chopper valued at $29,000. Operation Give-Back is a joint project in cooperation with Youth Transit Authority LLC to raise funds to help wounded soldiers, deployed soldiers, families of fallen law enforcement officers and first responders. Activities in the coming year include the chopper raffle, a bowl-a-thon and a golf tournament with a goal to raise $100,000 to aid our nations heroes.

A special thank you to everyone who stopped by the booth and purchased a ticket or just found out more about what the Guardian Knights and Operation Give-Back are all about. It is only throught the generous support of the public that a project like this can reach its goals and help those who so richly deserve it. A thank you also to Motor Trend Auto Shows for donating of the booth space.

GKMC Member Reflects on America's 9/11 Ride 2011

Member John "Big John" Forry is featured in an MHS Minute video reflecting on the experience of riding in the America's 9/11 Ride commemorating the 10th anniversary of the attacks of 9/11 2001.

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Another Successful Cookie Drive

Here is the ABC27 report from 11/17/2011.

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Thank you to all who donated goodies or participated in any way! We had another successful shipment and they all hit the mail Fri 11/18. A special thank you to the ladies of Zion Lutheran Church who came out last Sunday and held a big baking party to supply us with hundreds and hundreds of cookies. It is only through the generousity of the community that we are able to do these things and receive such praise. It is not we who deserve the praise but those who serve for us and the members of our community whose donations make any of this possible. Thank you also to ABC27 for covering our event. We must also thank Susquehanna Valley Harley-Davidson who has been with us from the start with Operation SOS. Without their help we could not do nearly as much as we have.

Here is a few responses from past shipments.

"Guys we just received the boxes last night on a CH-47, I wanted to tell you thanks from the Outlaw Refuel team at Garry Owen. You guys are F$%^ing amazing. My god the cookies were so fresh and so damn good, I wish I could make you guys understand how that made us feel. Please pass this on."  
SFC Perkins - FOB Garry Owen - Iraq

"Thanks for the great package of home-made cookies and candy and that really nice Harley Calendar. I've been sharing the cookies and everybody has complimented them." 
SMSGT Godin -  Kandahar Afghanistan

"I received the packages you sent. "Thank You" for your kindness and generosity. I will share the items with all the Airmen here at my location. I'm sure that they will enjoy them. We have a MWR tent I will put them in there for all to partake. Please pass on my "Thanks" to all the wonderful bakers that took the time to prepare the great baked goods. I've been trying to lose some weight here but I can't walk past homemade cookies without having few, they are great!!!! I know I can speak for all our Airmen at other locations and say "Thank You" for them also. I'm sure they are enjoying them too."  
CM Sgt Flick - Basra Iraq


Coming for 2012... Win a Knievel Custom Chopper and Other Great Prizes

chopperTickets are now on sale for our Operation Give-Back Raffle. The grand prize is a 2006 Knievel Custom Chopper, designed by legendary motorcycle daredevil Evel Knievel. The bike is powered by a 131 c.i., 150 hp, H&L custom built billet motor with diamond cut cylinders, a Baker right side drive 6 speed transmission, with a Primo belt drive primary. It has a 300 mm rear tire, custom billet wheels and red white and blue accent LED lights. Tickets are available from members and at various events where the bike will be on display. Additional prizes include a 42" LCD HDTV and a $300 spa package. See our raffle page for details.

The Guardian Knights MC, Inc. in partnership with Youth Transit Authority LLC has launched Operation Give-Back. Operation Give-Back will enable the Guardian Knights to expand the scope of their support of the troops to additional areas which have been limited due to funding constraints.

We are looking forward to some new fund raising events in the coming year that will provide the monies necessary to expand our efforts to include support for disabled veterans, and fallen officers as well as our continued efforts through Operation SOS. In addition to the bike raffle, and our Operation SOS Ride, there are plans for a golf tournament Aug. 8, 2012 and a possible Poker Run or two. Our goal is to raise $100,000 to continue and expand our causes. Keep checking our web site and watching your email to stay abreast of what is going on. If you have not yet signed up for our e-newsletter, sign up using the form on the home page of this site. Come along for the ride! It's going to be an exciting year!!

2011 Operation SOS Ride a Big Success

staging groupThank you to all who came out and made this years Operation SOS Ride a huge success. We surpassed our expectations this year with 145 bikes and raised over $4000.

Special thanks to the Black Sheep HDFC for the pancake breakfast that was served to all the riders. Their efforts netted $250 in donations.

Riders had a chance to view the Knievel Custom Chopper which will be raffled off over the next year, with the drawing to be made at the conclusion of next year's Operation SOS Ride. Mark your Calendars now for August 11, 2012. Also sign up for our email list if you haven't done so and/or watch this web site for the announcement of tickets going on sale.

ridersThis year we changed our route plan a little bit to make sure that the community knew what we were up to. With support from the Lower Paxton Twp PD, Susquehanna Township PD and Harrisburg PD, we were able to make a run right through town for all to see. At one point when we crossed the Market Street bridge and started north through Wormleysburg you could see bikes still coming down Front Street in Harrisburg. What a site! The ride proceeded to our first rest stop on 11/15 near Suquenita High School. The parking was a bit cramped due to the great turnout, but we made it work and were soon on out way (next year we will have a larger facility planned). We taveled the picturesque Clarks Valley, passed over Gold Mine Rd (a well known favorite of local riders) and concluded our ride with a pass through Fort Indiantown Gap which is a central training area for National Guard and Reserve troops.

At Memorial lake riders enjoyed a light lunch and some nice prizes were given away. Though rain threatened it never materialized and we were blessed with a great day for the ride.  

Guardian Knights and Santa Visit Collin

santaOn Saturday Dec. 11, 2010 in a normally quiet neighborhood where often not a creature is stirring... there arose quite a clatter as a the Guardian Knights pulled up on motorcycles escorting a very special Visitor for our friend Collin. Collin has recently undergone intense Chemotherapy and is a very special friend of the Guardian Knights.

collinNeighbors were peeking out their doors and windows as the Knights dismounted their steeds. While the appearance of a bunch of bikers in this quiet neighborhood would arouse curiousity, it was who was riding with them that really stirred the neighborhood up. Santa was riding along on a white beast with green flames and antlers. The Guardian Knights and Santa were here to visit our brave little buddy Collin and his sister and Mom and Dad. They came bearing gifts and a wish for a very special Christmas for all. Collin was very pleased with the Thomas the Tank Engine set that Santa brought and would not let it go even when he demonstrated how he could ride his little motorcycle that the Guardian Knights had presented him with last summer.

After some picture taking it was time to go and with a pop and roar the GKMC and Santa were gone as quickly as they had come, but, some say they heard him exclaim as he rode out of site "Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!".

Guardian Knights Support Katye's Helping Hands

On Novemeber 13, 2010 the Guardian Knights stepped outside their comfort zone to support Katye's Helping Hands in a setting that was rather alien to a bunch of LE bikers. At 10:45 am a motley crew of motorcycle riding leather wearing Knights paraded into an art auction at the Radisson Penn Harris in Camp Hill PA to show their support for Katye Trexler, a 16 year old girl who started Katye's Helping Hands, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing aid to children of fallen law enforcement officers and first responders. Surprisingly they were met by a applause and at one point a standing ovation from this "arts and croissants" crowd. A Thomas Kinkade original sketch was auctioned off to benefit Katye's Helping Hands and brought a price of $9000. The Knights presented Katye with a signed Thomas Kinkade trivet and a signed Kinkade framed gift print to be sold/auctioned/raffled at a later time The Guardian Knights were proud to be part of such a beneficial event.

On October 23, 2010 the Guardian Knights were able to contribute in a way more along the lines of what they are used to doing by helping to host the first annual Katye's Helping Hands Fall Foliage Run. The Knights provided traffic control and organizational support for this ride which was by all accounts a great success for the first time out. The ride covered about 100 miles through Perry, Franklin and Juniata Counties just as many of the trees were reaching peak color. One could not help but marvel at the beauty we have right here in central PA. Set aside October 22, 2010 now for the 2nd Annual KHH Fall Foliage Run. You'll be glad you did.

Guardian Knights Ride to Hell and Back!

Hell 1On the morning of Sept. 11, 2010 at about 1:30 am, 7 members of the Guardian Knights began a journey to Hell. It was a cool beautiful night and the group started with high expectations. Although there were a couple of unexpected hitches in the initial launch, they were soon on the road and feeling great. The first thing the group noted on their journey was how cold it got the further they traveled. Within an hour or so into the trip the temps were in the 40s. By the time they hit the 3 hour mark it had dipped to the 30s.

hell 2As the sun started to rise temperatures moderated a bit and the group discovered that what they thought was fog were actually clouds they were passing through as they traveled through the mountains. The brighter the sky got, the brighter the spirits of our intrepid crew. At a stop on the Ohio Turnpike they began to shed some of the multiple layers of clothing donned earlier in the trip. Skies were still blue, but a look to the western horizon foretold a different story of things to come.

The trip continued across Ohio without incident. What started out as a thin grey line on the horizon seemed to be growing and becoming more ominous. Could it be that they were viewing the outer reaches of Hell? (just had to put that in for effect). In reality it was a storm front moving east as they headed west. They made their turn north into Michigan at Toledo with renewed vigor. Now it wasn't just about the journey, but an attempt to beat the weather as well. They navigated construction near Ann Arbor and made their break for Hell. (At this point I'm sure it's clear that the destination was Hell, MI pop. 266)

hell 3In a quaint little town in east central Michigan named Pinkney they found what they had been looking for... the sign post to Hell. After a couple of turns and a mile or two of winding country road, there it was... Hell. Now Hell was not quite lived up to all its hype. It consisted of a weather station, general store, wedding chapel, ice scream shop (that's what the sign said), and the Dam Site Inn which ironically was situated at a dam. While it has always been a widely held belief that Hell would be very hot, it was in fact chilly and gloomy on this day. Initial plans were to eat lunch at the Dam Site Inn then head back. But, after a quick check of the place and an assessment of the time it might take to get served, it was decided that a quick bite at a nearby McDonalds might be a wiser choice since the weather had really started to move in.

By the time the group had finished a quick hamburger the rain had moved in. They spent an hour or two riding in the rain before finally out running it near Cleveland OH. The group arrived back in Harrisburg officially 20 hrs and 55 min after beginning the trip. They were tired and a bit road worn, but thrilled to be able to claim that they had been to Hell and back and had the stories to prove it.

For more on the trip you can read Poppa Bear's blog about the trip HERE

Here are some pictures from the trip


Guadian Knights Deliver Motorcycle to Young Cancer Patient

Guardian Knights Arrive

On Saturday July 3, 2010 the quiet of a neighborhood in West Hanover Twp. was shattered by the roar of motorcycles as the Guardian Knights came to visit Collin, a 1 1/2 year old cancer patient at his home. The Guardian Knights were there to deliver a pint sized motorcycle for this small rider. Upon their initial arrival neighbors stared and peeked out their windows uneasily at the leather clad bikers as they took all the on street parking and dismounted their bikes. It's not everyday that a dozen or so bikers roll into this neighborhood. Their concerns seemed to fade as the little motorcycle was unloaded from the SUV accompanying the riders and carried to the front door.5

Colling Checking out bike

Little Collin suffers from a brain tumor and just recently started his third round of chemo-therapy. The electric powered motorcycle was donated by Mike and Margaret Lamonto of the Guardian Knights to brighten the day of this resilient and brave little boy. He was also given a Harley-Davidson skull cap personalized with his name that was donated by John and Renee Forry, also members of the Guardian Knights. Collin on bike

The group had a nice visit with Collin and his family while Collin tried on the bike for size. Even at 1 1/2 years old it only took one demonstration of how the start button worked before he was able to fire up the bike himself. It is hoped that Colllin may be able to take the motorcycle to Physical Therapy and the hospital with him to help him through the long days of treatment ahead.

Everone who attended this event was touched and amazed by this young man's strength and poise. As the group was leaving, little Collin was giving "high fives" to everyone that came by to say goodbye. Please keep Collin in your prayers as he undergoes the very difficult chemotherapy treatments. It is out prayer that all will go well and that someday he will be big and strong enough to ride a real motorcycle with his new friends. You can find out more about Collin and his family and follow his progress at

Collin and Family

Second Annual GKMC Holiday Party

On Saturday Jan. 16, 2010 the Guardian Knights came together for their second annual Holiday Party. This years event was held at Dukes on the River in Wormleysburg, PA. This annual celebration was started as a time to come together and look back at the previous year's accomplishments while also looking to the coming year. The night started with good fellowship and a great meal prepared and served by Dukes.

Video PresentationawardsA video of some of the events of the 2009 riding season was set up for all to view, including slide show presentations of the Operation SOS Ride, video of troops receiving SOS packages, a video montage of our Rolling Thunder Run and several other activites of our year. A display of a number of awards, thank yous, and commendations that were issued to the club in 2009 were also on display. For some guests this was the first opportunity to really see all that had been accomplished in one place at one time.

awardsFollowing the meal, the first annual GKMC Outstanding Support Award was given to two deserving local companies for their unparalleled support of the GKMC and its programs. Susquehanna Valley Harley Davidson, and Versatile Systems Inc. were both recognized and presented with plaques honoring their contributions to the club and its efforts in 2009.

Both companies have supported the GKMC in monetary as well as other ways and it was decided by the membership to recognize both for their outstanding contributions. Representatives from both companies were on hand to accept these awards and the club was honored to have them as our guests at this celebration.

boardAfter the Support awards, the GKMC Executive Board members where recognized by the membership and presented with plaques thanking them for their dedication and efforts in guiding the organization. This presentation came as a complete surprise to the board and they were very humbled and honored by it.

A voluntary gift exchange provided great humor and entertainment to wrap up the night. Once the formalities were done with, there was additional time for members to just hang out and enjoy each others company. Needless to say there were plenty of stories to share and embellish.

By all accounts it was a successful night of looking back on our previous accomplishments and a look forward to the coming year.


Guardian Knights First Annual New Years Day Run

The Knights started the new year with their first annual New Years Day Run. There was snow on the ground, flurries in the air, and temps in the mid 30s, but that didn't stop the heartiest of our group from shining up their bikes and taking a tour of the Harrisburg area on New years day. We met at the new Giant store at 2300 Linglestown Road at 2 PM and some had a bite to eat. Then we loaded up and headed out. Our ride took us along the river, through the center of the city then to outlying townships and boroughs. All along the way we were greeted by waves, thumbs up, tooting horns and the odd blank stare. It seems that the public was pleased to see us starting off the new year in real biker fashion. We even picked up another rider along the way who just decided to join the procession. While the ride was not particularly long (a little over 20 mi. and about 45 min.) it gave the chance to start the year with some miles under our tires and show that the Guardian Knights aren't just fair weather riders (well some of us anyway). If you were unable to make this one, you missed a good time. The good news is... there's always next year!

Twas the First Day of New Years....
a poem by John Forry and Rick Cagno

Soldiers Respond to Operation SOS Packages

Here are some of the responses we have received from recent Operation SOS shipments.

refuel unitThese are members of the 2-104th GSAB at FOB Garry Owen just about 15 miles from the Iranian border in Iraq.

Wayne T. Perkins

"Guys we just received the boxes last night on a CH-47, I wanted to tell you thanks from the Outlaw Refuel team at Garry Owen. You guys are F$%^ing amazing. My god the cookies were so fresh and so damn good, I wish I could make you guys understand how that made us feel. Please pass this on."

Davey Johnson

"ya ya!! thank you Guardian Knights!!! "

Jared Arthur

"to the guardian knights, thank you for everything, u made your packages feel like its christmas everyime we get stuff from you guys, we really and truely appreciate what u guys have done and do for us."

Dallas Obergfell

"Thanks for all the support that you folks that work with the Guardian Knights have shown to us. It means a lot to know that some people care about the soldiers that are deployed and getting deployed. Thanks again for all you have done for us here on G/O."

Dan Thompson

"I also want to say thanks to the Guardian Knights for there support to all of us who are deployed. Thanks for all the time and effort put forth."

SMSgt Godin of the 809 Red Horse Squadron, stationed in Kandahar, Afghanistan

"Thanks for the great package of home-made cookies and candy and that really nice Harley Calendar. I've been sharing the cookies and everybody has complimented them. The Harley Calendar I'm keeping for myself.

I also want to thank Elizabeith Kussmieh (spelling?) for the wonderful handwritten card and poem. It was very nice and heartfelt. Please let here know one of us old guys got a little choked up reading it."

CMSgt George Flick 557 Red Horse Squadron Basra, Iraq

"I received the packages you sent. "Thank You" for your kindness and generosity. I will share the items with all the Airmen here at my location. I'm sure that they will enjoy them. We have a MWR tent I will put them in there for all to partake. Please pass on my "Thanks" to all the wonderful bakers that took the time to prepare the great baked goods. I've been trying to lose some weight here but I can't walk past homemade cookies without having few, they are great!!!! I know I can speak for all our Airmen at other locations and say "Thank You" for them also. I'm sure they are enjoying them too."

Parents of SFC Wayne Perkins

"God Bless you and  many thanks from the family of SFC Wayne T. Perkins.  We spoke to Wayne this afternoon and he said they received the 14 boxes that you folks sent to them and the guys were so grateful for the cookies, fudge, etc.  Wayne said a lot of them had tears well up in their eyes and some of them fell to their knee's and thanked God for people like you and the motorcycle club. You are truly God's earth angels and we appreciate everything that you do for our soldiers.  The guys right now are starting to lose focus and they are getting on each other's nerves.  If they could get some downtime, I am sure they would be okay, but Wayne said that they do not get off of the post at all and since they are only 15 miles from the Iranian Border, half the time they do not get their one hot meal a week and they do not get their fresh water for a week at a time.  We thank you so much for caring.  God Bless and much love from the family of SFC Wayne T. Perkins.  Please pass our appreciation on the the club members.
Wayne & Barb Perkins"

Members of the 56th Stryker Brigade CRT 3 HHC 2/112th INF Baghdad, Iraq

HHC 2/112th INFSGT Buchheimer

"Thanks for the support

I'm the soldier that got the scoot calendar. Nikki looked so pleased handing the packages out this morning standing in the back of the HWMMV, unfortunately I didn't get any pics to pass along to you but I'm sure they're on the way."


N. Baum

"We got the packages! Everyone loved them! Everyone was sooo excited. I got it all on video and pics... Thank you for all the boxes! Everyone was so appreciative... You guys are soooo awesome!"

SPC Brown

"Dear GKMC,

Thankyou so much for the package you sent! Inside was everything a girl here could ask for! The soaps, socks, body spray and everything inside were a god send. Don't worry, I shared with everyone. It is such and honor to receive a care package from your organization even though I don't ride. It would be great to meet ya'll as well. Thank you so much for your support!"

SSG Downey

"We received the care package you guys sent. Thank you very much. The soldiers really appreciate it ."

Sgt. Fink

"Guardian Knights,

I am writing to you from the "wonderful" desert of Iraq. I received the package that you had sent me and wanted thank you all...It is greatly appreciated by me and all soldiers for what you all do back on the home front to support us. Thank you again!"

First Annual Brothers In Need Fun Run

Fun RunOn Saturday 10/10 the Guardian Knights held their first annual Brothers In Need Fun Run. This poker style run was for the benefit of the Guardian Knights Fallen Officers Fund.

This years proceeds were split between a couple of Correctional Officers who were involved in an ATV accident in June. One officer was killed and the other severely injured. About 55 participants raised over $1800 while enjoying fun food and prizes and touring the Central PA area collecting their cards. The event started at Susquehanna Valley Harley-Davidson with registration beginning at 9 AM. Although the weather for the day started out questionable, by early afternoon the sun came out and it was a great day for a ride.

The first participants were on the road by 9:15, with more moving out all morning right up to the cut-off time of 11:00 AM. By the 2 PM deadline all riders had returned. Lunch consisting of hamburgers, cheesebugers, hot dogs, chips and soft drinks were provided and a large array of prizes were awarded to participants.

A special thanks to sponsors who provided prizes and support for the event go out to Susquehanna Harley Davidson, Lebanon Valley Cycles, Iron Valley Harley Davidson, Penn Leather, Marriot Hotels, Hooters, Perkins, Pennsy Supply, Bell Catering, Veratile, Hallows Eve Tattoo, Addicted to Detail, Peoples Bank, Giant Foods, and the members of the Guardian Knights who worked hard to make this event a success at every level.

Second Annual Operation SOS Ride


Thank you to all who came out and supported our second annual Operation SOS ride. Your generous support gave us another successful event.

While the day started a bit foggy and damp, it quickly turned into a beautiful day for a ride. We traveled 100 miles through the mountains and valleys of Dauphin, Schulkill and Lebanon counties, ending appropriately with a run through Fort Indiantown Gap and a picnic at Memorial Lake State Park. The ride went smoothly with only one minor issue, when a deer decided she wanted to thumb a ride from one of our participants. The result was a very surprised rider, with some minor damage to the bike. He did not lay the bike down, and swore he was OK. As I heard someone say "Thats why we say a prayer for safety". It most certainly could have been a serious situation, but thankfully was not.


The final tally of riders and bikes as near as we can tell (we forgot to assign someone to count) was just over 80. While we were prepared for more, we recognize that there were a number of worthy competing events this same day and we count this a success. Over $2000 was raised along with a huge number of donations of items to ship, and Susquehanna Valley Harley-Davidson pledged to cover our shipping costs, meaning at every dollar raised can go directly to filling boxes. In all our prior shipments, fully 1/3+ of the cost went to postage. This means every dollar raised is now worth 30 to 40 cents more. How's that for a tough economy!


sos3Check back soon for photos from the event. In the mean time please check out the photos taken by "Digital Photography by Marks". They took tons of awesome pics at the event and have posted them on their web site. These pics are available for purchase. You just might find that perfect picture of you and your baby (that could be your bike or your girl).

We will also be keeping you apprised as we continue to ship packages. We have continued to receive both thank you's and requests from the troops even over the weekend. So we will be gearing up to make another shipment very soon.

Here is video of some of the Operation SOS Packages being distributed to troops in Iraq.


Pass this one along

Here is video of the escort of Staff Sergeant First Class John C. Beale, killed in Action in June of 2009. Some of you have been on similar escort rides with the Patriot Guard Riders as have I. The video was shot by an officer of the Henry County Police Department in Henry County GA. The route of the escort was published in a local paper along with approximate times and the result is clear in the video. All returning heroes should be welcomed home in this manner whether returning safely or those who made the ultimate sacrifice. While the Guardian Knights were not a part of this particular escort, it is a shining example of how great americans are and what should be the rule not the exception in welcoming home our returning heroes.


501(c)3 Tax Exempt Charitable Status Granted!


On February 11, 2009 the IRS granted the Guardian Knights Motorcycle Club, Inc. status as a 501(c)3 tax exempt charitable organization. This marks yet another milestone in the growth and development of the organization. As a result of the granting of this status, it will be easier to seek sponsorship for events and will allow all contributions made to Guardian Knight projects tax deductable for the donors. The Guardian Knights look forward to even bigger and better things in the coming months and years.