Full Members:
Full membership in the Guardian Knights MC™ ,inc. is open to; Active or retired Law Enforcement, Corrections Officers, Federal Intelligence Field Members and Executive Protection Specialists, Security Professionals, Law Enforcement Support Professionals, full time active or retired military, or law enforcement related full-time positions with approval of the executive board.


Spouse/significant other of a full member.


Select civilians of at least 18 years of age who demonstrate the ideals and values of the Guardian Knights™ with:

      1. Endorsement of two full members in good standing
      2. Percentage of civilians to LE members ratio never exceeds 25%.

All members (with the exception of members spouse/significant other) must own a motorcyce (not limited to any specific motorcycle brand). Bikes shall be of sufficient size to maintain highway speeds of 65-70 mph for prolonged periods of time. All members shall be properly licensed and insured and their bikes shall be registered and inspected as required by law.

Associate Members: Individuals who do not meet all the requirements of full Membership but share the ideals and values of the organization may apply for Associate Membership. Associate members can include non-riding law enforcement or civilian members and civilian members awaiting a Full Membership due to ratio restrictions.

  1. Associate members may not vote in ballot votes or hold office. They may participate in club activities and events.

  2. Associate members may become full members at such time as they meet the requirements of full membership. Associate members will be taken into full membership in the order they meet the requirements and request a change in membership status. Upon approval of the Executive Board, an appropriate chapter designation patch will be issued to the member to replace the Associate member patch and the “associate” patch will be returned to the chapter.

  1. Associate Members are not included in the ratio calculations for full membership.

For information on becoming a member of the Guardian Knights MC, please contact a member. Our membership process is not one of endless prospecting and extensive requirements. It is however, set up to assure that both the new applicant for membership and the organization are compatible and there are specific steps one must take in applying for membership.

Membership Procedure