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Membership Procedure

Membership procedure for the Guardian Knights Motorcycle Club

Persons interested in membership in the GKMC should first read and understand the membership requirements and all other policies of the organization as outlined in the GKMC bylaws and chapter operating policies.

Those wishing to pursue membership should approach a member and seek sponsorship. A sponsor must be a member in good standing and should know the applicant and be able to vouch for their character and suitability for membership. In the event that the applicant is unknown to anyone in the chapter, he/she should come to activities and events on the GKMC calendar and make their intentions known to the Executive Board. At such time as the Executive Board feels it is appropriate, they shall assign the Sgt. at Arms as the sponsor.

Prospective Membership:
The first step in becoming a member of the GKMC, after securing a sponsor, is to be presented for prospective membership. This will occur at a chapter meeting. The sponsor will introduce the prospective applicant to the membership and state their support for him/her as a prospective member. The membership will take this time to question the applicant regarding his/her reasons for wanting membership, and how he/she would be an asset to the organization.

Following this “interview” process, the Sgt. at Arms will review the application with the prospective member and explain the prospecting process. The prospect will sign the application and give it to the Sgt. at Arms. The Sgt. at Arms will then sign the application indicating that he/she has explained the entire process to the applicant, then, submit the application to the Secretary/Treasurer for recording and processing.

Probationary Period:
Applicants accepted as prospective members will serve a probationary period to assure suitability for membership. This period of probation may vary by individual, but will in no way be excessive.

Acceptance for membership:
Upon determination of suitability for membership, the sponsor will propose acceptance of the prospect for membership in a general meeting. A vote of the membership will be called. The Sgt. at Arms will then inform the prospective member of the outcome of the vote. Upon acceptance for membership, the new member will pay initiation fees and be issued the appropriate colors. Tthe Sgt. at Arms will administer the membership pledge and the new member will be welcomed into the club as a member.


Initiation Fee:
The current initation fee for new members is $100, as set by the Executive Board, and is due upon acceptance for membership. The initiation fee includes any dues for the current year. When the initiation fee is paid in the last quarter of the calendar year (Oct. 1 through Dec. 31) the new member will be considered paid for the coming year. This fee is not refundable and will not be pro-rated in the event a member leaves the club.

Annual Dues:
The current annual dues for all members, is $40. These dues are payable in the month of February of each year. Members who have paid the initation fee in the current year or in the last quarter of the previous year will not be assessed the annual dues for that year. Dues/Fees are non- refundable and will not be pro-rated in the event a member leaves the club.. Non-payment of dues shall be reason for suspension of membership and possible expulsion from the club.

Membership in Other Organizations:
Members of the GKMC may not belong to any other motorcycle club. For these purposes, associations and motorcycling advocacy/support groups such as the AMA (American Motorcycle Association), PGR (Patriot Guard Riders), ABATE (A Brotherhood Aimed Toward Education) and H.O.G. chapters are not considered “clubs” and do not violate this provision. If in doubt regarding this provision, the decision of the Executive Board will be final.

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